Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Figure of the Day: Day 1,041: Boba Fett

BOBA FETT The Fett Legacy
30th Anniversary Collection Evolutions
Item No.:
Asst. 87480 No. 87563
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Number: n/a
Includes: Jetpack, blasters, helmet, two more figures
Action Feature: Working holster, removable helmet
Retail: $19.99
Availability: 2008
Appearances: The Empire Strikes Back

Bio: The Mandalorians are proud people whose lives are based on war. For thousands of years, these skilled fighters have crisscrossed the galaxy on crusades of conquest. They are feared and respected for their unparalleled battle skills and have left a blazing mark upon history. Mandalore the Indomitable is a legendary leader from long ago; Jango Fett "fathers" the clone trooper army; and his "son" Boba Fett uses his Mandalorian skill to become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' comic shelf.

Commentary: At first we assumed this Boba Fett was just a repaint of the vintage 2004 figure with a new head. It's actually pretty much a new figure, super-articulated, and the first-ever Boba Fett with removable helmet that isn't die-cast metal. The coloring is pure The Empire Strikes Back and the figure has a working holster with a smaller blaster. The damage markings are spot-on, the sculpt is excellent, and the articulation is as good as you can reasonably hope for. Really, the only thing about this figure that doesn't work is the helmet's lack of an articulated rangefinder. Hasbro did a great job here, and if this one isn't on your short list for picking up this year, I'd say you should get one. To date it's the best-ever Boba Fett based on his first movie appearance... even if it does take liberties with what should be under the helmet.

Collector's Notes: This figure was available twice so far. There's 30th Anniversary packaging, and also Legacy Collection packaging. Boba is missing the chest logo in the 30th Anniversary packaging and in the initial shipments of the Legacy release. As such, it's the corrected version that's the real rarity so far.

Day 1,041: June 10, 2009

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volkerc said...

i have yet to see a correct esb version of this figure. if we are lucky it will come in form of a single carded figure.

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