Friday, May 8, 2009

Figure of the Day: Day 1,018: Endor Rebel Commando

30th Anniversary Collection Tins
Item No.:
Asst. 87154 No. 87205
Number: 6 of 6
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Includes: Blaster
Action Feature: Flip-up helmet, blaster fits inside holster
Retail: $19.99-$29.99
Availability: Fall 2006
Appearances: Return of the Jedi

Bio: Chosen for what might have been the most important mission of the Rebellion, each of these Rebel commandoes is a master at small-squad tactics, sabotage and night-time combat. (Taken from the figure's internal cardback.)

Image: Adam's router.

Commentary: Take a new head, a helmet from 2002, and a body from 1998, and now you've got a pretty nifty Rebel Commando figure. While articulation is sorely lacking, the 1998 figure had a great pose and a lot of detail to which Hasbro added a lot of paint to make it look pretty slick. For example, this bald trooper now has gloves in a brown color plus a little grit. If you like variety in your Endor dioramas, this is one you should pick up because (if my count is right) this makes like six or seven unique Endor Rebel figures. Hasbro hasn't yet made a perfect super-articulated version, but obviously you can do better than a mere six joints. Still, it's neat-- but for 2006 it was a little disappointing. Hasbro's decision to give it a new head elevates it from a dull rehash to a fairly decent update, but, again, this is a figure that's mostly going to please army builders. Those seeking the perfect Endor Rebel should keep looking, I'll let you know when Hasbro finally makes it.

Collector's Notes: The tin is a nice set-- you get the 2004 Vintage Darth Vader, a repaint of the 1998 Princes Leia in Endor Dress (with the cloth bits), and a Scout Trooper with flip-up helmet. Totally worth getting.

Day 1,018: May 8, 2009

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Bravo said...

Seems like a waste of new tooling to revamp a figure that was decent nearly a decade ago.