Monday, September 5, 2011

Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 1,624: Felucian Warrior

The Legacy Collection Toys "R" Us Exclusive Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Figure Packs
Item No.:
Asst. 97910 No. 97912
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Number: #2 of 2
Includes: Bone club/sword/whatever
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $29.99
Availability: April 2010
Appearances: The Force Unleashed

Bio: Felucians use their natural Force abilities to control their environment, including the ferocious rancors. The native inhabitants of Felucia expertly wield their bone swords, showing no mercy to those who threaten them. (Taken from the figure's packaging.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' guinea pig room.

Commentary: In The Force Unleashed game, you could slice up Felucians of varying shapes and colors, although it was hard to get a good look at some of them. With that in mind, I assume this more-muted Felucian Warrior is more or less authentic to the game-- I mean, the bone weapon is bone colored this time around, and the subtle colors seem to blend in with the Felucian Rancor and other scenery in the game. The design is nothing short of weird, with what I assume is a mask, some suction cuppy things on his arms, and little tiny hands off the arms. It's an unusual design for Star Wars but it seems to sort of kind of fit in with the game universe, I can't imagine seeing these in a movie and it fitting. 10 points of articulation make this a good, but not fantastic, figure-- it's unique looking and different enough to be worthwhile, but I wouldn't suggest tracking down these sets on the merits of this specific figures. (The other ones in the set, though, are worth grabbing.)

Collector's Notes: The sets did OK, and are now gone. So good luck getting one. Loose samples are pretty cheap though.

--Adam Pawlus

Day 1,624: September 5, 2011

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A T T S said...

Got mine of eBay. The book of the game showed lots of Felucian's. I think I have the muted grey blue and seek the yellow striped version. Love this guy.