Friday, June 8, 2012

Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 1,823: Captain Rex

CAPTAIN REX Launcher Fires Missile!
The Clone Wars Basic Action Figures
Item No.:
Asst. 37290 No. 37297
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Number: CW13
Includes: 2 pistols, display stand, launcher, projectile
Action Feature: Gun launches rocket
Retail: $8.99
Availability: April 2012
Appearances: Clone Wars TV series

Bio: During the Clone Wars, Captain Rex is Anakin Skywalker's second-in-command.  This tough, free-thinking soldier commands the 501st Legion in many battles against the Droid Army.  A seasoned fighter, Rex opens fire with his blaster, destroying one Battle Droid after another in the fight to save the Republic.   (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' photo area.

Commentary:  One step forward, two steps back.  Captain Rex looks awesome.  I mean, seriously, awesome.  I know there should be some debate on if his helmet is too big-- I'll leave that to you in the comments-- but I can't deny the new sculpt is, overall, impressive and the deco is more ornate than just about any clone figure out of Hasbro.  It might even be better than a lot of the high-end statues and big figures I've seen, Rex is covered in "kill marks" and dirt, making his 2008 figure look like a cheapo pile of garbage.  Unfortunately, that cheapo pile of garbage had 14 points of articulation and a removable helmet, while this figure has no removable helmet (which I consider a plus) and only sports 8 points of articulation.  With SCUBA Ahsoka, I could see how reducing the articulation improved her aesthetics, a relatively dainty figure only had so much room to cram a joint before we got cankles.  With rex, I don't get it.  The 2012 Commander Cody had a new body sculpt with awesome rocker joints, a lot of gear, a removable helmet, two jet packs, and, well, less impressive deco.   The lack of wrists, knees, and ankles seems odd here.

I have to assume that when Hasbro was costing this figure out, they pulled resources from articulation and gear to really pump up the paint.  I mean, look at it-- there's very little white plastic exposed, except on the top and back of the helmet.  He's got a lot of yellowish brown dirt and scrapes on him, plus a lot of blue.  Like, a ton.  Those little "kill marks" are pretty amazing, this kind of fine detail probably doesn't come cheap and I doubt many fans would argue they would prefer knees over this kind of deco.  Of course, for $9, I kinda think I deserve both.  Rex' blasters fit perfectly in his hands or holsters, and his "skirt" does get in the way of his legs swinging forward to sit in a vehicle.  This is a figure meant for standing.

Other than that the paler blue details on his helmet seem more subtle on TV, I'd say Hasbro nailed the deco.  Well, that and the fact that a tiny part of his helmet seems clean.  The torso has a hole for a jetpack (were you so inclined) and oveall, it just looks amazing.  If you're a carded collector, you should have no reason to skip this figure beyond your inability to find it.   If you have the resources, I suggest that you get one.  It's the only "Phase 2" Rex to date, and hopefully Hasbro ships him long enough for you to go from desiring him to being sick of him.  Because that's how we are as collectors, figures are only fun until we can get them.

Collector's Notes: The figure is in 2 waves so far, so that has to help.   I haven't seen it in the wild yet.  I believe I heard Hasbro say they were working on Jedi Pong Krell, which could mean there's some sort of gift set en route which includes a repackaged Rex some day.  If Hasbro does decide to make this Rex again, I'd love to see it built off the 2012 Cody body, just because it'd be 40% more awesome.  When I did this write up in April, people were routinely paying $20 and as much as $40 for him.  Don't pay that.

--Adam Pawlus

Day 1,823: June 8, 2012


BJ Savage said...

Nice figure, but I'll wait for the removable-helmet option. You know its coming.

Soja rinn said...

a helmet that big should be removable