Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Figure of the Day: Day 102: Death Star Droid

DEATH STAR DROID with Mouse Droid
Power of the Force Collection 3 Fan Club Exclusive, Toys "R" Us Exclusive
Item No.:
Asst. 69705 No. 69862
Number: n/a
Includes: Mouse Droid, Freeze Frame Action Slide
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $1.97-$19.99
Availability: Fall 1998
Appearances: Star Wars

Bio: A Death Star Droid approaches what appears to be a routine prisoner relocation. The two stormtroopers are actually Han Solo and Luke Skywalker conspiring to rescue the imprisoned Princess Leia. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' toy shelves.

Commentary: Nothing really annoyed fans as much as the decision to make the final 4 figures of 1998 (at the time, figures many assumed to be the end of the POTF2 line) exclusive to the Fan Club, especially seeing as it meant a price hike of $4 per figure in addition to limited distribution. The Death Star Droid was a figure many fans loved to see, especially seeing as it was the first-ever black protocol droid, and the finest figure of 5D6-RA-7 ever. The MSE droid was a nice touch, too.

With six points of articulation, the figure was typical for its day. It seems to have aged well and looks great next to most modern figures, despite being mostly one color and a fairly simplistic sculpt. Its accessory, the MSE droid, is hollow and has wheels that are merely for looks, so don't expect it to do much rolling.

Collector's Notes: Initially, this figure was announced to be part of the main line. Due to (alleged) low orders from the major toy chains, the item was removed from main line distribution in the USA and became a Fan Club exclusive. Internationally, this item was a main line item. In the year 2000, the item eventually found its way to retail as part of the legendary Toys "R" Us blowouts for a mere $1.97, along with Fan Club exclusives Pote Snitkin, Hoth Leia, the AT-AT Driver, and Wuher. The mold was reused for the Sandcrawler Droid in 2004.

Day 102: August 16, 2006

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