Sunday, August 6, 2006

Figure of the Day: Day 92: Teemto Pagalies

Saga Collection Collection 2
Item No.:
Asst. 84861 No. 84813
Number: 0246
Includes: Goggles, debris, droid
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $4.99
Availability: Fall 2002
Appearances: Episode I

Bio: Proud of his new cycling-electromagnetic stabilizer, Teemto Pagalies is entering his barely tested Podracer in the Boonta Eve Classic, believing that it will give him the winning edge. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' toy shelves.

Commentary: With Attack of the Clones, Hasbro decided it would be a good idea to make figures spanning the entire saga, and wisely so. Fans were treated to characters from the first prequel like Teemto Pagalies, one of many requested figures from the Pod Races. While not loaded with features, this figure had just enough articulation to be good, a fantastic sculpt, and one of the finest paint jobs in the entire line. With so many textures, colors, ridges, and pouches, it would be easy for Hasbro to overlook details like the belt buckle, or the strips of cloth around his wrist, or an awesome accessory like the removable goggles. Even though some of the paint ops were a little sloppy, there's no missing the amount of work that went into the figure to ensure that, despite its small size, that you feel Hasbro put just as much (if not more) work into it than they would a full-size action figure. The added debris and droid (which we'll showcase later) only add to this figure's spectacular value at the low-low price of $4.99 upon its initial release.

Unfortunately, as a minor character who exists as a vehicle pilot, there's not a lot to write about this spectacular figure. It's a funky alien with normal articulation that looks great. There really aren't any good dioramas for him to stand around in, nor is there a vehicle for him to pilot. Still, he's one of the best figures Hasbro cranked out in 2002, which is really saying something as that was one of their most prolific years in the line's history.

Collector's Notes: Short of being rereleased with a vehicle, this figure is about as perfect as it gets. And, big shock, nobody seems to care. Would you believe this figure can be had for as little as $4 shipped? That's collector apathy for you. To date, several Pod Race drivers still need to be released, but the collection is growing and two more-- Mars Guo and Dud Bolt-- will be released this Fall.

Day 92: August 6, 2006

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